Thursday, December 14, 2006

UFC Fight Night 8 on SpikeTV Results

Well tonight I watched another UFC Fight Night Live from the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. It was pretty cool to have it inside the hangar. The crowd was all marines and lol it was nuts in there.

At one point they were all shouting "F$^K HIM UP" and they actually muted the audio for a few seconds. The Davis Carter fight was first and it was pretty boring.

Shonie Carter tried his stupid spinning backfist but basically just got picked apart by Davis who could have esily finished the fight but didn't cuz he thought maybe Carter was sandbagging and acting tired - lame. Next was Fickett and Parisyan and this was an entertaining fight. It's hard to believe that the oddsmakers made Parisyan a 4:1 favorite. He barely won this fight and took a nasty nasty elbow from Fickett while Fickett was on the ground that left him with a huge open cut right under his eye - hello permanent scarring on the face :x Next was Joslin and Koscheck which was a decent fight. I have to agree with Joe Rogan that Koscheck is probably the best welterweight wrestler in MMA right now. The guy is a like a bull with his takedowns. He needs some work on finishing and passing the guard but otherwise he had a solid showing. Joslin showed some good striking but nothing with knockout power. Last fight was Sanchez and Riggs. Riggs has always let me down - he seems lackluster at best but nooooo apparently he is in a new camp and he is a new fighter. Well unfortunately he got owned by Sanchez - shortly into the first round they exchanged punches - Sanchez got hit in the eye and Riggs got smoked in the chin and felll to the ground - Sanchez saw that and rushed at him. As Riggs was getting up he let both knees come off the mat and Sanchez hit him with a flying knee that knocked him right out. It was very close to being an illegal knee but in the replay you can see both Rigg's knees are clearly off the mat. I didn't think this fight would be over so quickly. oh well... Here are the matchups and results:

Diego Sanchez vs Joe Riggs -- Sanchez wins by knockout flying knee
Jeff Joslin vs Josh Koscheck -- Koscheck wins by decision
Drew Fickett vs Karo Parisyan -- Parisyan wins by decision
Marcus Davis vs Shonie Carter -- Davis wins by decision
Victor Valimaki vs David Heath -- Heath wins by decision
Alan Belcher vs Jorge Santiago -- Blecher wins by knockout
Dave Menne vs Luigi Fioravanti -- Fioravanti wins by stoppage
Keito Nakamura vs Brock Larson -- Larson wins by decision
Logan Clark vs Steve Byrnes Clark wins by decision