Friday, December 15, 2006

Travis Lutter vs Anderson Silva

As we all know Travis Lutter won the Ultimate Fighter 4 for his weight class. So this means he will be fighting Anderson Silva.

Lutter comes from the Lion's Den in Dallas and everyone is ranting and raving how his BJJ is soooo good and how his style matches up so good against Silva. I have a very hard time picturing Anderson Silva on his back getting submitted.

The same way I have hard time picturing Chuck Liddell on his back vs Tito... but hey this is MMA and these things happen. I don't think Anderson Silva is ready to give up his title so soon. He knows Luter will be going for the shoot all the time and will eb prepared for it. I think that Silva is going to be prepared and I think he is going to win. Many people forget that Anderson Silva is a black belt himself in BJJ and trained under the Nogeria's I think we might see Travis Lutter vs Rich Franklin in the not too distant future onc ehe loses. I have seen polls on forums giving it to Silva 80% to 20%. Silva ftw.