Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Science of Fighting

Apparently the human body is the most complex weapon on earth. I just watched Fight Science a show from national geographic.

I have to say it was very cool the way they measured the power etc of the different fighting styles.

The tae-kwon-do guy had the hardest strike with a spinning back kick applying about 1500lbs of pressure on the crash test dummy they were kicking.

He was some austrlian dude and he had some mad striking skills. They also had this ninja guy jumping around on these towers demonstrating his balance etc - that was pretty cool considering all the other arts were unable to maintain their balance. They also showed some cool stuff about pressure points that ninjas use to disable or even kill their opponent. For the jiu jitsu they had Rickson Gracie but they didn't show much about that style because I guess they thought it was too boring. They dubbed the ninjitsu guy as the best style which I thought was a joke considering that Gracie would have easily tapped the guy out. I can't see these strikes to the underam etc actually being pulled off in a real fight. They show was neat but thats about it :) I was watching the IFL international fight league tonight as well but zzzzzz it was boring as hell.. I'm not a big fan of the whole team concept considering the fights are all one on one - lol it would be cool if they could do tag team.