Sunday, December 31, 2006

UFC 66 Results

Wow what an amazing event. It's been a while since I have seen such a good event. In addition to the greats fights we also were blessed with the great news that Mirko CroCop Filipovic will definitely be coming to the UFC and in fact will be fighting at UFC 67. We all know Crocop from PrideFC. I am very pleased to see him come to the UFC because the heavyweight division in the UFC is pretty ghetto. Tim Slivia is not much of a champion. It won't be long before Crocop gets his shot at Silvia and takes the title away from him. So if I was Tim Silva I would enjoy that belt while you still got it. The sad reality of Crocop leaving Pride and coming to UFC is that there is nothing else Crocop could do in Pride. He CAN NOT beat Fedor Emelianko the current heavyweight champion in Pride so he might as well come to UFC and be the champ here. The whole unlimited weight class tournament was a joke because Fedor was not in it due to injury. The other good news we got tonight is that Quinton Rampage Jackson will be fighting at UFC 67. I'm sure they are going to put him up against some ham n' egger so he can just smoke him but maybe I'm wrong we shall see. I've always been a big fan of Jackson as I love guys that can slam opponents. He is however in the same boat that Crocop is in. He was unable to beat the current champion in Pride Wanderlei Silva. Anyways enough with the chit chat lets get on to the results.

Christian Wellisch defeats Anthony Perosh by Decision
Yushin Okami defeats Rory Singer by Submission
Gabriel Gonzaga defeats Carmelo Marrero by Submission
Thiago Alves defeats Tony DeSouza by KO
Michael Bisping defeats Eric Schafer by TKO
Andrei Arlovski defeats Marcio Cruz by KO
Jason MacDonald defeats Chris Leben by Submission
Keith Jardine defeats Forrest Griffin by TKO
Chuck Liddell defeats Tito Ortiz by TKO

Let me start with the Chuck Tito fight since thats why most of you are here. In the first round Tito came out swinging and was throing some big right hands. Chuck was just standing around throwing the odd punch here and there - not really pursuing Tito very actively. Tito tried a few takedowns but they were pathetic and were easily sprawled. Then Chuck cracked Tito with a punch and punced on him throwing endless strikes but somehow Tito managed to weather the storm and survive the round. Round 2 we saw much of the same thing as round one... Eddie Bravo socred the 2nd round 10 to 9 for Tito. Round 3 Tito kicked chuck with a leg kick and appeared to have broken his foot. Half way through the round they began to exchange flurries of punches and AS USUAL Chuck got the better of the exchange and kept going with it eventually dropping Tito to the mat and finishing him with strikes. After the match was over Tito said that was the best he could do and that he brought his A game and was sorry he let his fans down. I honestly think he could have done a better job taking him down and I think he shoudl get together with Randy Couture and go over some of the stuff Couture was talking about after the event. Who is next for Chuck Liddell? Probably its going to be Rampage Jackson just because it will draw viewers but Jackson doesn't stand much of a chance in my opinion.

Ok lets talk about my fellow Canadian Jason MacDonald and his win over Chris Leben. I have to say I was impressed with Leben in this fight. I always saw him as a sloppy fighter but today I saw how far he has come. He still got a bit sloppy and perhaps that's why he lost but I think with more training he can go far. MacDonald took a look of shots in this fight but was relentless with his attempt to take Leben down. He FINALLY got him down and then went to work. He secured a guillotine from the top in half guard and then transitioned into a very weird back/side/O_o kind of position while still holding the choke. He got his legs somehow around Leben and secured the body triangle. Eventually Leben went to sleep and could barely tap out. Now that MacDonald has taken out 2 of the 3 The Ultimate Fighter Champions will they pit him against Mike Swick and will MacDonald be able to pull off a sweep of all the TUF opponents. "Call me the TUF Killer" he said tonight to Joe Rogan.

Forrest Griffin.... wow I was impressed watching him in this fight vs Keith Jardine right up until the point where he ate a devastating uppercut by Jardine. Instead of trying to recover he tried to press on and ate a few more shots, fell to the ground and then Jardine pounded the snot out of him until the ref stopped it. Afterwards Griffin was really pissed and was crying. I'm sure he has got used to the nice lifestyle of fighting in the UFC and in order to stay there you NEED TO WIN. He actually RAN out of the ring to the dressing room :'(

Arlovski was back on point and looked hungry and pissed off lol. Very interesting fight with Marcio Cruz and it looked as though cruz was going to submit him when they went to the ground but they were basically trying to ankle/leg lock each other and Arlovski kicked Cruz in the face prompting Yamasaki to pause the fight and give Arlovski a warning. Then they resumed fighting... within a few secs after that Arlovski as if saying "ok I'm not allowed to kick so I will just punch you" sat up and smashed Cruz in the face causing him to reel back and slouch over. Then Arlovski simply had to sit up and pound away on Cruz's head till the ref stopped it.