Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and others back in the UFC

Well it looks like the UFC has swooped in and picked up a bunch of fighters from the soon to be defunct WFA.

If you recall a few months back the World Fighting Alliance was dubbing that it had Rampage Jackson and also Bas Rutten.

The guy that was running the WFA sued the owners or something to that degree - the bottom line is that Dana White and Zuffa swooped in and scooped up all their fighters. Jackson was to be paid a % of the pay per view event but only 50,000 people bought it so he barely made any money. There is some deal going down with HBO and some league called the WEC. Bottom line is Zuffa might have two labels now... UFC and WEC and I think WEC is gonna be on HBO. So if they stick Rampage Jackson in the WEC then they can circumvent paying him a % of the pay per view. I really hope they don't do that. I'd like to see him get paid. He used to be one of my favorite fighters. I mean who doesn't love a guy that slams people on their head, howls at the crowd and wears a big thick chain :D Anyhoo I was sad to see him lose to Vanderlei Silva in Pride several times. What pisses me off is the way he allowed himself to get clinched and kneed so bad two fights in a row with him. The latest fights I seen with him since then have been lackluster though he did win. I know he has always had problems with not having enough people to train with. Bottom line is I hope he comes to UFC and I hope he gets with a decent camp. I hope they don't put him against Liddell right away. Though that might happen especially if he loses to Tito.