Friday, December 8, 2006

Roger Gracie vs. Fedor Emelianenko coming soon!

Wow I had never heard of Roger Gracie before tonight. Tonight I finally watched the Bodog Fight... man the people in Vancouver are so laid back they were barely cheering lol.

I think the overall production was a bit cheesy but hey its all good. So Roger Gracie beat Ron Waterman easily in the first round with an armbar. He looked like an oversized Royce, same physique, same style, same danagerous guard.

Perhaps he is the one man that will be able to topple Fedor because yes thats right it seems that Fedor is joining the Bodog organization. I guess this means he is leaving Pride?

I will have to figure this out. One day they will inevitably fight and I look forward to it. There was some other good fights on the card but nothing too memorable. I'm not a big fan of the no elbows rule they had along with the no 3 point attack - blah. One thing that really pisses me off is when a fighter makes no attempt to pass guard at least to side control even when he is sitting in a constantly open guard. There were a few fighters I thought would win when I assessed their stats and the intro they showed on each guy and in a few cases I was totally wrong - thats what I love about mixed martial arts. The other thing that still amazes to shock me is how weak some guy's chins are and conversly how solid other fighters are. I'm ranting now so I will stop lawl.