Saturday, July 11, 2009

UFC 100 Results

Here are the UFC 100 quick results - more to come...

Lesnar wins over Mir in Round 2 from ref stoppage from strikes (exactly as I predicted) - same fight as last time except this time he won't get submitted is what I said cough ahem.

GSP wins over Alves with a unanimous decision - pretty much owned alves the whole fight just kept taking him down. Alves needed to just go ape shit and rush down GSP and get in close and hit him but he didn't... he just stood back and threw jabs etc - also everytime he threw leg kick GSP grabbed it and took him down. GSP rules! Go Canada W00t!

Henderson destroys Bisping. Boo - I live Dan Henderson, I mean everyone likes Hendo cuz he is just a cool cat but I really wanted Michael Bisping to Win. Well Bisping got knocked out hard. Hendo knockout for the highlight reels totally, then he jumped on Bisping knowing full well he was out cold and smashed him in the face one more time then in the interview after the fight he said he knew he was out and he just wanted to further shut him up... hmmm... I wonder if he will take any heat for this ptentially unsportsmanlike conduct.

Belcher lost to Sexiyama - I didn't even know this Sexiyama dude but he put on a good fight, lots of people including Joe Rogan thought that Belcher should have won.

I will post the rest of the results later - these were the only fights shown on PPV but also they showed some other fight after it but I shut it off, I will watch that fight later.

Heh there was no chants of Fedor after the Brock Lesner and Frank Mir fight. Some people on Sherdog were speculating that the fans might start to chant Fedor after Lesnar won. But they didn't all they did was boo lesnar I mean lesnar got boo'd hard. I don't think he deserves to be boo'd. I think he is a legit champ and he is solid. I predicted he would win and now I am not so sure about him vs Carwin. Everyone knows that Carwin vs Lesnar is the next fight coming up and I thought that Carwin would beat Lesnar but now I am not so sure.