Sunday, July 5, 2009

UFC 100 Predictions - Brock by absolute Destructive power!

Here is chrispytoal's predictions for UFC 100:

Grice Vs Gugerty - got this one as being a back and forth fight, Gugerty to win via RNC in the 2nd round.

Dolloway Vs Lawlor - Dolloway via ridiculous submission late in the first

Kim Vs Grant - Kim by UD

Jones Vs O'Brian - Jones via TKO 3rd Round

Coleman Vs Bonner - Bonner via UD

Akiyama Vs Belcher - does Akiyama's style translate to the cage? i dont know, what i do know is Belcher's style is perfect for the cage, if Sexyama wants to win, he has to keep it off the ground, i dont think he will, Belcher by Submission 2nd round

Henderson Vs Bisping - i think Hendo has too much for Bisping on the ground, look for Bisping to utilise his jab and dodge Hendersons big windmill overhand rights to win by UD

Fitch Vs Thiago - Thiago has no chance on the ground so look for him to try for an early knockout, Fitch will have learned from Kos' mistakes and will win this one by easy UD

GSP Vs Alves - GSP by First round GnP to prove his supremacy and then watch for him to call out Anderson Silva or Rich Franklin

Brock Lesnar Vs Frank Mir - this one wont last 2 minutes but it'll be a different story from last time, Think Mir vs Vera. Brock by absolute Destructive power 1.30 into the first round.