Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quinton Rampage Jackson arrested!

Well I haven't updated this blog in a while so I think I will start doing that again. Quinton Rampage Jackson was arrested today for being in a car chase with police. Apparently he was driving in his Rampage truck which is a big pickup truck that is lifted with nice fat tires and is covered in Toyo Tires branding because he just did a deal with them. So he gets pulled over for driving with a flat tire - but instead of stopping - he decides to keep driving.. no big deal right? wrong. He drives on the wrong side of the road, almost hits pedestrians, and even drives on the sidewalk. Eventually he pulls over where he is arrested at gunpoint. I am not sure what he was thinking - I mean he wasnt going to get away and his picture is on the side of his truck. Perhaps there was drugs involved or perhaps he has just been punched in the head one too many times :/ either way he is probably looking at least 2 years in prison. I wonder how many fights he will get into in there O_o btw hi Jimmmy ;)