Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Randy Couture vs Tim Sylvia

I read a very interesting post on another mma blog: - its a great site - the owner really puts a lot of time into maintaining the site. Anyhoo the bottom line here is that there is a very good chance we are going to see Randy Couture vs Tim Sylvia at UFC 68. It doesn't matter why or if etc - if you want to read the lead up to all this bs then read it at ufcjunkie. SOoo what is my opinion of this? I think it would be a bad move to bring back Couture to face Sylvia and here is why... even if he CAN beat Sylvia which is not a definite thing he would most certainly get DESTROYED by Cro-cop. I don't think it would do anything good for the sport to have a hall of famer get his butt whipped. *cough gracie cough* its too bad that Brandon Vera won't be fighting in the UFC anymore it appears. The heavyweight division blows chunks at the moment. At some point cro cop is going to get the title shot, win it, then hold onto it for a longgggggggggggggg time. What really pisses is me off is that Joe Rogan had Tim Sylvia on Inside the UFC and he didn't even MENTION crocop! grrrrrrrr I wanted to here what Tim had to say about that. Instead we heard bs about him taking his belt everywhere (and forgetting it some places) and how he thinks he is going to retire in a few years as the champ. IN your dreammmmms Tim. Maybe because Sylvia is such a big gangly uninspiring redneck that people don't appreciate him. I think people appreciate finesse and a champion's mental attitude and Tim doesn't exactly exude that. I will say I give the guy more respect after hearing him on Inside the UFC. At least he was humble and seems to be taking the lack of appericiation in stride and seems genuinely interested in proving everyone wrong. I think a lot of people perceived him to be arrogant in the past and now he is trying to right those wrongs. His knockout of Tra Telligman comes to mind where his post fight talk with Joe Rogan he never mentioned anything about Tra - never showed him any respect - he just went on an on about how he was uber and now he can kick.